Editor’s Note


As the United Nations General Assembly is convening at its Sixty-Eighth Session, combating terrorism is a key agenda item. Other security concerns include the maintenance of international peace and security; promotion of human rights, justice, and international law; humanitarian assistance; and disarmament.

            These and related global topics were discussed at different seminars and conferences organized by the Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies during January to September 2013 that were co-sponsored particularly by the International Center for Terrorism Studies at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies and the Inter-University Center for Legal Studies at the International Law Institute. Some of the presentations delivered at the academic gatherings are offered in this issue of Terrorism: An Electronic Journal & Knowledge Base.

We selected a number of areas such as “The Anniversary of 9/11: Lessons Learned” (Brigadier General Richard C. Gross and Ambassador Al Maamoun Baba Lamine Keita, Ambassador of the Republic of Mali); “Terrorism and Intelligence: Political, Legal, and Strategic Challenges” (Dr. Donald Kerr); “Boston Attack and the ‘Russian Connection’: An Assessment” (Dr. Miriam Lanskoy, Dr. Sufian Zhemukhov, and Professor Don Wallace Jr.); “Combating Hizballah’s Global Network” (Prof. Yonah Alexander, Dr. Matthew Levitt, Prof. Amit Kumar, and Dan Mariaschin, and); “Refugeeism: Humanitarian and Strategic Concerns” (Dr. Ralph Nurnberger); “Latin America Post-Chavez: Quo Vadis?” (Ambassador (ret.) Roger Noriega, Professor Monica Arruda De Almeida, Brig. Gen. (ret.) Boris Saavedra, and Dr. Fernando Jimenez); “The Terrorists-Prisoners Challenge: Lessons Learned and Future Outlook” (Colonel (ret.) Timothy G. Murphy).

The aforementioned presentations, in expanded versions, will be published in hard copy during the following months by the Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies.

Moreover, this issue also includes an article on “After NATO’s Libya Intervention: Any Implications for International Law?” written by Colonel Ugur Gungor of NATO’s Centre for Excellence—Defence Against Terrorism in Ankara, Turkey. Since the study was completed in May 2013, several researchers at the Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies prepared a “Libya Timeline” that was completed in September, 2013. This updated document is attached as an appendix to the peer review article.

Finally, a special report on “Terrorism in North Africa and the Sahel in 2012: Global Reach and Implications” as well as “Canada and Terrorism: Selected Perpetrators” are incorporated into this issue.

Another issue of the Terrorism: An Electronic Journal & Knowledge Base will be published in December 2013 with several new articles and selected seminar presentations.



Yonah Alexander



September 30, 2013