June 2018

Volume VII, Number 2

Editor's Note

June 2018

Professor Yonah Alexander


Selected Seminar Proceedings (moderated by Professor Yonah Alexander)


June 2018 – "Balkan Security Challenges: Past Lessons and Future Outlook"

Ambassador Nebojša N. Kaluđerović, Ambassador Floreta Faber, Richard Prosen


June 2018 – "The Mystery of Mother Russia"

Professor Marvin Kalb 


July 2018 – "Combating Terrorism: National, Regional, and Global Lessons for the Next Decade and Beyond"

The Honorable Guy Roberts, Professor Rita Colwell, Carl Gershman, Professor Marvin Kalb



August 2018 – "Punctuated Equilibria Paradigm and Security in the Modern World"

Professor Miroslav Barta, Professor Martin Kovar, Brigadier General Karel Rehka, Lieutenant Colonel Otakar Foltyn



Special Commentary

"Preparing Diplomats for the Long War"

Ambassador (ret.) Charles Ray (June 2018)


Selected Research on the Balkans

Historical context and country timelines (from January to June 2018)


Selected Daily Chronologies

(from May to June 2018)