“After NATO’s Libya Intervention: Any Implication for International Law?”

In response to the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings in Libya during February 2011, after the deployment of a multi-state coalition, NATO then executed military operations (the “Libya Operation”) to implement the United Nations Security Council’s (UNSC) Resolution 1973. But this NATO operation, or, rather, humanitarian intervention (“HI”) which was meant to protect the civilian population from gross human rights violations, also ended with the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime. Resulting in a regime change, the Libya Operation conflicted with a fundamental principle of international law, ‘non-intervention in a sovereign state.’ Inevitably, this situation fueled debates about the legality and legitimacy of the NATO operation for such an unauthorized outcome. This article tries to assess the content and nature of UNSCR 1973 with a view towards whether the operation was in conformity with the Resolution or whether it exceeded the authority given by UNSCR 1973. Having compared Resolu
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