Volume III, Number 1

January 2014

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Editor’s Note


January 2014

Professor Yonah Alexander


Peer Reviewed Article


"Combating Hate Crimes through Civil Litigation"

Professor Dean C. Alexander"


Selected Seminar Proceedings



December 5, 2013"Tehran's Bomb Challenge: Crossroads, Roadblocks, and Roadmaps to Rapprochement?"

Hon. Bijan R. Kian, Ambassador Noam Katz, Dr. Anthony Fainberg


November 25, 2013 — "The Lone Wolf Challenge: Past Experience and Future Outlook"

M.E. (Spike) Bowman, Professor Amit Kumar, Kyle B. Olson


November 7, 2013 — "Can Counterterrorism Strategies and Democracy Co-Exist?"

Dr. Wayne H. Zaideman, Peter Roudik

October 30, 2013  "Reassessing the WMD Challenges: The Next Phase?"

Charles A. Duelfer, Greg Gross, Michael Eisenstadt, Dr. Milton Hoenig



Special Reports


"International Cooperation in Combating Terrorism: The Next Phase?"  (IUCTS, January 2014)

Featuring Ambassador Mohammed Alhussaini Alsharif (Arab League),

Ambassador Al Maamaoun Baba Lamine KEITA (Republic of Mali),

Deputy Chief of Mission Simonas Satunas (Lithuania),

Deputy chief of Mission Abderrahim Rahhaly (Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco)


Special Fifth Annual Report "Terrorism in North Africa and the Sahel in 2013"

Professor Yonah Alexander (IUCTS, January 2014) 



Daily Chronologies