Volume IV, Number 2

July 2015

Editor’s Note


July 2015

Professor Yonah Alexander



Selected Seminar Proceedings

July 14, 2015—"Europe: Difficulties Within, Threats From Without"

Dr. Patrick Murphy


July 9, 2015—The Days After: Are Iran's Deadlines Endless"

The Hon. Bijan Kian


April 29, 2015—“From Terrorism to War Crimes: Past Lessons and Future Outlook

Professor Paul Pillar, Issam Saliba


March 30, 2015—“International Cooperation in Combating Terrorism: Review of 2014 and Outlook for 2015”  

Wafa Bughaighis, Ambassador (Ret.) Theodore Kattouf


January 30, 2015—“Terrorism Victimization of Women and Children: Costs, Lessons, and Future Outlook

Professor Patricia A. Maulden, Professor Michael Noone


December 19, 2014—“The Role of Religion in Combating Terrorism

Professor Robert Eisen, Issam Michael Saliba, Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed, Tina Ramirez, Professor Maryann Cusimano-Love 


December 5, 2014—“The Role of the Military in Combating Terrorism

Brigadier General (Ret.) David Reist, Dr. Lawrence J. Korb


November 6, 2014—“The Ukraine Crisis: Quo Vadis?

Yaroslav Brisiuck, Ian Brzezinski, Dr. Patrick Murphy


October 31, 2014 – “Health Security Challenges and Responses: From Ebola to Terrorism

Professor Lawrence R. Velte, Professor Don Wallace, Jr.

Special Reports (authored and edited by Professor Yonah Alexander)

Terrorism in North Africa and the Sahel in 2014” — (IUCTS, February 2015)


Europe: Quo Vadis? (Political, Legal, and Security Perspectives”— (IUCTS, March 2015)

Professor Don Wallace, Jr., Professor Yonah Alexander, Eric Fusfield, Dr. Robert Pollard , Peter Roudik, Dr. Amit Kumar, Geoffrey Harris


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