Volume V, Number 2

September 2016


Editor’s Note

September 2016

Professor Yonah Alexander


Selected Seminar Proceedings (moderated by Professor Yonah Alexander)


May 10, 2016—Populist Politics: From Protests to Violence 

Dr. Patrick Murphy, Abraham Stein


June 23, 2016—“Latin American Security Challenges: From the Olympics to Zika

Professor Gary Simon, Professor S. Gerald Sandler, Dr. Asha George, Dr. Tara Kirk Sell


June 28, 2016—“Aviation Security: Past Lessons, Future Outlook, and ‘Best Practices’ Responses 

Captain Wolfgang Koch, Dr. Anthony Fainberg


July 27, 2016—“The Lone Wolf Terrorist: Past Lessons, Future Outlook, and Response Strategies

Captain Dave Martin, Professor Carol Flynn, Lisa Curtis, Dr. Nimrod Raphaeli, Professor Dean Alexander


August 3, 2016—“Post-Attempted Coup in Turkey: Quo Vadis? 

Dr. Sinan Ciddi, Dr. Kemal Kirişci, Dr. Jonathan Schanzer


August 29, 2016—“Terrorism Generational Challenges: Political, Social, Economic, and Strategic Implications 

Professor Dieter Dettke, Dr. Scott Savran, Fabrice Balanche, Mahbub Hassan Saleh


Special Reports


Combating Terrorism: The Role of Law Enforcement”—(IUCTS, May 2016)

Introduction by Professor Yonah Alexander Featuring Michael Braun, Sgt. Mark Landahl, Captain Dave Martin, Professor Dean Alexander, Dr. Wayne H. Zaideman


The Refugee Crisis: Humanitarian and Security Implications”—(IUCTS, May 2016)

Introduction by Professor Yonah Alexander

Featuring Mark Krikorian, Olga Oliker, Burcu Keriman Erdoğdu Tunçer, Abraham Stein


Combating Terrorism: The Role of Intelligence”—(IUCTS, July 2016)

Introduction by Professor Yonah Alexander

Featuring Dr. Donald Kerr, Timothy R. Sample, Peggy Evans, Dr. Wayne H. Zaideman, Geoffrey Harris, Prasad Nallapati


The Role of the Military in Combating Terrorism”—(IUCTS, August 2016)

Introduction by Yonah Alexander

Featuring Rear Admiral (Ret.) Terry McKnight, Brigadier General Richard C. Gross, Lieutenant-Colonel Sébastien Chênebeau, Colonel (Ret.) Timothy G. Murphy, Brigadier General (Ret.) David Reist, Dr. Lawrence J. Korb, Brigadier Chaudhary Sarfraz Ali, Colonel (Ret.) Gary Anderson, Lieutenant General Vincent R. Stewart, General (Ret.) William E. (Kip) Ward


Daily Chronologies