Volume V, Number 3

December 2016

Editor’s Note

December 2016

Professor Yonah Alexander 


Peer Review Article

International Enforcement Cooperation in the Western Hemisphere: A Search for a Better Architectural Framework

Bruce Zagaris


Selected Seminar Proceedings (moderated by Professor Yonah Alexander)

October 14, 2016—“The Fifteenth Anniversary of 9/11: Past Lessons and Future Outlook

Ambassador (Ret.) Charles A. Ray, David Albright


October 31, 2016—“NATO: Post Warsaw Agenda

Richard Prosen, Honorable Kenneth Wainstein, Joseph Manso, Dr. Daniel Hamilton, Jeffrey Rathke, Dr. Jorge Benitez


November 21, 2016—“Middle East Strategic Outlook: Regional and Global Implications

Ambassador (Ret.) Marcelle M. Wahba, Cem Ulusoy, Prasad Nallapati


December 16, 2016—“Latin America’s Security Outlook: Challenges and Opportunities in the Post-Castro Era

Bruce Zagaris, Fernando Jimenez


Special Reports

Post-Attempted Coup in Turkey: Quo Vadis?”—(IUCTS, November 2016)

Introduction by Professor Yonah Alexander

Featuring Dr. Ahmet S Yayla, Dr. Sinan Ciddi, Dr. Kemal Kirişci, Dr. Jonathan Schanzer


The Holy Jerusalem: A Key to Middle East War or Peace?”—(IUCTS, December 2016)

Introduction by Professor Yonah Alexander

Featuring Professor Robert Eisen, Issam M. Saliba, Dr. Sayyid Syeed, Hon. Reuven Azar, Professor Mohammed S. Dajani


Selected Daily Chronologies