Volume VI, Number 2

June 2017


Editor’s Note

June 2017 

Professor Yonah Alexander


Selected Seminar Proceedings (moderated by Professor Yonah Alexander)

April 13, 2017—“Security Challenges in Africa: Review of 2016 and Outlook for 2017

Dr. Benjamin Nickels, Jennifer Cooke, Dr. Scott Savran, Professor Peter K. Forster


April 20, 2017— “Terrorism and the Media: Dilemmas for Government, Journalists, and the Public

Professor Mark Feldstein


May 24, 2017— “Is a New Middle East Strategic Order Emerging?

Barbara Slavin, Dr. Nimrod Raphaeli


June 9, 2017— “European and U.S. Counter-Terrorism Strategies: Quo Vadis?

Michael Whine MBE, Erik Brattberg


June 29, 2017— “The Role of Diplomacy in Combating Terrorism

Ambassador Charles A. Ray, Ambassador Jo Ellen Powell


Book Review

Shall We Wake the President? Two Centuries of Disaster Management from the Oval Office by Dr. Tevi Troy

Reviewed by Yonah Alexander


Special Reports

Latin America’s Strategic Outlook: Populist Politics, Health Concerns, and Other Security Challenges”— (IUCTS, April 2017)

Introduction by Professor Yonah Alexander

Featuring Abraham Stein, Professor Gary Simon, Professor S. Gerald Sandler, Dr. Asha M. George, Dr. Tara Kirk Sell, Professor Margaret Hayes, Dr. Diana Villiers Negroponte, Bruce Zagaris, Fernando Jimenez


Biological Terrorism: Past Lessons and Future Outlook”— (IUCTS, June 2017)

Introduction by Professor Yonah Alexander

Featuring the Honorable Richard Danzig, Professor Matthew Meselson, Governor Thomas J. Ridge, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, Professor Rita Colwell, Dr. Tevi Troy


Special Commentary

Why Party Democracy is Overhauled

MEP Antanas Guoga, Lithuania


Selected Daily Chronologies