Volume VII, Number 1

March 2018

Editor’s Note

March 2018

Professor Yonah Alexander


In Memoriam

Guillermo Velarde: Farewell to a Pioneer in Inertial Fusion

Professor Natividad Carpintero-Santamaría


Selected Seminar Proceedings (moderated by Professor Yonah Alexander)


December 19, 2017—“Security Challenges in the Balkans: Quo Vadis?

Ambassador Pjer Simunovic, Ambassador Haris Lalacos, Ambassador Vasko Naumovski, Professor David Kanin 


January 31, 2018—“National, Regional, and Global Terrorism: An Israeli Perspective

Yoram Schweitzer

March 1, 2018—“Balkan Security Challenges: Past Lessons and Future Outlook

Ambassador Nebojša N. Kaluđerović, Richard Prosen


Special Reports

Combating Biological Terrorism: Roadmaps for Global Strategies” (IUCTS, January 2018)

Introduction by Professor Yonah Alexander

Featuring Professor Rita Colwell, Professor S. Gerald Sandler, Dr. Norman Kahn, Dr. Anthony Fainberg


Special Commentary

We need to ban terrorist from our sacred halls

By MEP Tomas Zdechovsky, Christian and Democratic Union-Czechoslovak People's Party


Selected Daily Chronologies